ACT Membership

Membership is vital to the success of the Community Trust   The members are its lifeblood—the greater the community involvement, the more effective the Trust will be.

These are challenging times for small communities;  important services are being reduced by governments and councils, and more budget cuts are on the way. There is a strong feeling that communities who want to thrive and develop must grasp the nettle and act for themselves—there are lots of innovative ideas just waiting to be put into practice in communities like ours, up and down Scotland.

There is always strength in numbers, especially when getting a project off the ground — already lots of members are putting in their time to make sure positive things happen in Arisaig. To become a full, resident member you need to be on the electoral register within the PH39 postcode. Anyone else, wherever they live, who supports the aims and objectives of the Trust can become an associate member—we also have a junior membership category to cater for members aged 5 to 17.

New members are always welcome – membership forms can be downloaded from the links below.








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