Arisaig Land, Sea & Islands Centre

LSIC new banner sign

NEWS!  we have just launched a brand new, dedicated website for the Arisaig Land, Sea & Islands Centre.  You can have a look at it here

The Land, Sea & Islands Centre (LSIC) is a wonderful community resource in the village of Arisaig.  Created in the late 1990s out of the old village Smiddy and situated in a stunning location adjacent to the bay, the Centre displays a wealth of information concerning all aspects of Arisaig, past and present.  The LSIC was transferred in 2012 to the care of the Arisaig Community Trust who are responsible for its continued development.  The Centre has recently undergone a major internal refurbishment – more about this can be found on both the Home page and the Arisaig Eco Project page.

The Land, Sea & Islands Centre is entirely community-run by a dedicated and conscientious team of volunteer staff whose combined knowledge base covers many aspects of Arisaig life and times.

The small shop contained within the Centre actively promotes high quality local art and crafts. It offers the browser a lovely selection of  gifts to buy including books, cards, paintings etc. and a range of publications produced exclusively for the LSIC.   We have recently published two new volumes – one entitled ‘Arisaig and the SOE’ (£10 + 2.75 p&p), and ‘An Archaeological Survey of the Rhu Peninsular’ (£18 + £3.35 p&p).  Both of these volumes were published at the end of 2016.  If you would like to purchase either of these publications, please email your details to:

View over Arisaig bay from the Land, Sea & Islands Centre

In the summer months the LSIC offers the visitor an extremely useful ‘one stop shop’ for local tourist information, together with an indoor attraction, for those wet weather days, in the shape of a fascinating exhibition of local social, economic and natural history.

The autumn and winter months offer occasional local history and natural history talks, and also some informal crafting sessions for those with an interest in handicrafts.

Exhibition spaceP1010405 (640x480)







For a wonderful taste of what Arisaig and its neighbours has to offer, see the Road to the Isles video clip – and be enchanted!

Summer opening times:

Monday – Saturday 10:00 – 18:00

Sunday: 12:00 – 17:00

We look forward to seeing you


2 Responses to Arisaig Land, Sea & Islands Centre

  1. Enjoyed your centre greatly and thought the view was outstanding. The DVD of Klida Island was very interesting. Photos and history in the centre was well presented. It was much more impressive then I expected. Arisaig is a wonderful place and so very pleased we picked it for our holiday. I traveled 3,600 miles to find Arisaig and now want to visit again someday.

  2. MARK says:

    Hi, next Thursday / friday looking to come to centre, in early October bringing a small group. Do you have some one who can talk about SOE / Ceczh /in area ? thanks


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