Arisaig Eco project, funded by CCF (Climate Challenge Fund) finished early in 2016.  The project was a great success, with many innovative and long-term community goals being achieved.

Although project funding has now ceased, the project left a lasting legacy in terms reducing domestic energy use in many local homes, increasing the amount of locally grown and consumed food – helped by the construction of community raised beds, and last bu certainly not least,  the fantastic, sustainable refurbishment of the Land, Sea & Islands Centre.

Below are extracts from the LSIC 2015 refurb diary:

June 2015: We are now nearing the final stage of refurbishment work at the Centre. One of the most exciting deliveries of recent weeks which you may have seen are the new triple-glazed windows. They are Rationel Auraplus aluminium clad timber windows which achieve U values as low as 0.79. All the gaps between the new window frames and structure openings were tightly packed with sheepswool insulation and sealed internally to wall linings with proprietary airtightness tape to eliminate any draughts.

LSIC internal The Knoydart Construction team have filled the small gaps between the rigid insulated Gutex boards and masonry with sheepswool insulation. Over the Gutex boards, battens have been fixed and then fermacell wallboards have been added. The team have ensured a tight fit to all corners, edges and junctions – a particularly difficult task considering the location of the old stone forge. Any holes for electric cables in insulation boards have been filled and taped with proprietary air-tightness tape to limit heat loss and prevent air leakage. This is particularly important if aiming to achieve ambitious air-tightness results. Plaster board linings to internal doorways have been replaced with Celotex insulated plasterboard as part of installation of additional insulated linings. Internal window ingoes, heads and cills have also been lined with Celotex insulation boards.









John Disher and his team have been laying the Marmoleum® flooring – this is similar to linoleum flooring and is made from a proprietary blend of wood flour, jute, rosin, andlinseed oil. 97% natural raw materials, 72% rapidly renewable and 43% recycled content. And most importantly, it’s made in Kirkaldy!P1010010

New Marmoleum flooring

New Marmoleum flooring








Similarly, James MacDonald & Sons, local painters & decorators, are working on the finishing touches!

The much anticipated air-tightness test carried out by Glasgow based Thermal Image UK is scheduled for this Friday, 19th June. Here is a link to an interesting article which is relevant to all types of houses in Arisaig. SEDA Design Guides for Scotland – design for airtightness

This next link will take you to a short youtube clip which will give you an idea of what airtightness is, and how it is measured.





The end of April is approaching, and work on the energy efficiency refurbishment of the Arisaig Land, Sea & Islands Centre continues apace.  We have just had the window delivery date confirmation – the windows are expected to arrive on 4th May, when the next stage of work will begin. We are hoping to have the LSIC ready for re-opening in early June.

Below is a brief update on the recent stages of work, together with some current photos.

LSIC refurb: update 22 April 2015
(Gutex is the trade name for the thick, wood fibre insulation board which has been used throughout the building). More information can be found at
Exhibition Room
o       All Gutex insulation in place with work started on grooves for wooden battens
o       Plasterboard completed to ceiling and all skimmed (apart from small area of ceiling at gable wall)

Room with a View
o       Gutex insulation in place
o       Plasterboard completed to ceiling and fully skimmed
o       Sheep’s wool to cork the spaces between stone wall and Gutex boards

o       Gutex insulation completed on walls





‘corking’ the gap between the stone wall and the fibre board using sheep’s wool


LSIC OPEN MORNING – TUESDAY MARCH 24th 2015 11:00  –  13:00

Come along to the Arisaig Land, Sea & Islands Centre to meet the architect (Sam Foster – Sam Foster Architects) and the contractor (Toby Robinson – Knoydart Construction) and see how the energy refurbishment of the LSIC is progressing.  This is a great opportunity to hear first hand why particular materials have been chosen, what methods the contractors are using to the install the various types of insulation, and how the air tightness of the building will be tested once the refurb is complete. Gain inspiration for energy efficiency in your own home!  Click on LSIC refurb flyer 1  for more information.

 A couple of photos of the insulation board currently being installed at the LSIC:

P1050101 P1050103










We had an excellent turnout at the Land, Sea and Islands Centre last month (October 2014) when more than fifty people gathered to celebrate the success of this summer’s local produce that was on sale at the Centre.

There was a healthy mix of locals and regular visitors to the area who enjoyed a wonderful selection of warming and nourishing soups which used Camusdarach lamb, Invercaimbe beef and locally sourced vegetables. The wild nettle and garden spinach soup and Scotch broth were very popular and were served with freshly baked wholemeal rolls and bread. There was also some delicious baking on offer including pear and almond cake, wild bramble muffins and raspberry cake which made the most of locally sourced fruit.

Delicious array of local produce

Delicious array of local produce

Thank you to all who contributed in making the event such a great success. Many of those attending completed the new Eco Survey, and we will be visiting homes in November and December to encourage participation with the community questionnaire.

Completing the eco-questionnaire

Completing the eco-questionnaire







Please feel free to complete a PDF version of the questionnaire and return it to   One copy of the questionnaire per household, please!  You can find the questionnaire here: Arisaig Eco Project Survey_2014

As part of the European Week for Waste Reduction which runs from 22nd November to 30th November, Arisaig Eco Project will be organising a number of free events in the community.

For children there will be a Clothes and Toys Swap at the Astley Hall on Wednesday the 26th of November between 10 am and 11.30 am held with the Arisaig Playgroup. If you have any surplus children’s clothes and toys which could go to a new home, please bring your items to Astley Hall between 9 and 10am. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle before Christmas!

Poster toy & clothes swap

During the evening of Wednesday 26th November there will be a Cookery Demonstration from 7 pm to 9 pm at the Astley Hall with local chef Duncan Gibson, of The Glenfinnan House Hotel. This event is part of the Love Food Hate Waste campaign and will be looking at ingenious ways of using up items in your fridge and store cupboard, particularly useful for planning for the festive period ahead.

Poster cookery demonstration

Alison O’Rourke Tel 07585 331 085
Sara Mair Bellshaw Tel 07585 326 220


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