Arisaig Station Garden Party – celebrating The Westie!

West Highland CRP

The Westie – working to make West Highland train travel an attractive option!

“The West Highland Community Rail Partnership (WHCRP) is a newly established community organisation, known as the Westie for ease. Our membership area includes the West Highland railway corridor from Mallaig to Crianlarich, as well as its hinterland. We are working to make train travel a more attractive option for locals and visitors alike. We want to keep our roads less busy and our air less polluted”.  (extract from the new WHCRP website)

Arisaig Community Trust is keen to support this new local travel initiative, and has just joined the organisation as a community member.  WHRCP have made Arisaig Station their local office, and we’re very pleased to welcome them to the village.  The partnership committee comprises an enthusiastic group of volunteers, keen to encourage more people to use local train services as an alternative to travel by road.

ACT’s involvement with our local railway station has also taken another step forward – from the end of Sept 2016, ACT will become official ‘Station Adopters’ for Arisaig.  This gives us a great opportunity to work towards improving and enhancing the station environment, and make it welcoming gateway to Arisaig.  If you have a bit of time to spare, and some imaginative ideas about how we might achieve this, do get in touch with ACT –  The more local people are involved, the more we can put a ‘local’ stamp on Arisaig station.

The CRP celebrated taking over the lease on its new premises by holding a station garden party, with music (courtesy of a talented trio of musicians from the Royal Scottish National Orchestra), dancing , flowers and afternoon tea – all on the station platform!



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